A balance of being not only physically fit, but also mentally and spiritually.

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To help each person become the best version of themselves by Encouraging, Educating, and Inspiring  through challenging their bodies Core, Cardio, and Balance.

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Personal Training

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The benefits of working with a personal trainer is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness.


Online Program

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Workout with an awesome online community. Enjoy monthly Goals, challenges, and friendly competition. New workouts and circuits to do at your own time. 


Trace morgan

 I had the blessing of growing up in sunny San Diego. My parents kept me involved in sports at a young age which then led to high school sports basically year round. I was never the star player but I gave everything I had in every practice and games. Two days after Valentines day in my junior year of high school, I was in a life threatening car accident. Nothing short of miracles were the only way doctors could explain the fact that I was not dead or paralyzed. Since I couldn’t play football my senior year, I found another outlet hobby which became and has become my mecca: surfing. I still gave everything I could in sports but was reminded constantly of the blessings I feel so undeserving of.

My passion for fitness began a year or so into college. I had an active lifestyle with intramural sports, the gym, and surfing but, it took a college course to lead me to were I am now. Don’t get me wrong, it was a long and sometimes hit ‘n miss learning road but, I found my passion and love it every day. I knew with my love for sports and my interest in treating our bodies right, I was in search for something incredible. I had this desire to help others be better too. I never feel like I have given enough after whats been given to me, so I want to continue to share and help with any that will hear. I guess I adapted and formed my particular training style by my desire to keep it simple and tangible. Using whats immediately available first and foremost to get an individual the desired results wanted and a successful health-minded lifestyle.  The word “yoked” means to be together or as one.  The meaning behind YOKEDfit is to be balanced, but not only physically but, also mentally and spiritually.




“Stoked to get Yoked!”


"I feel AWESOME"

"The Whole 30 Program combined with Trace's program has changed my life for the better. Its not just a quick fix, its a lifestyle change. I have lost weight and gained muscle, but best of all - I feel AWESOME! Trace is such a wonderful motivator and teacher. He is there to answer questions and help you every step of the way...plus he's just a fun trainer! My best friend and I did this in preparation for our weddings. We are one wedding down, one to go and we feel so beautiful and ready for the big days... but I will continue to use what the book and Trace taught us far beyond that. EVERY BRIDE should do this. A huge thanks to Trace for being such a wonderful trainer and friend. #sweatinforthedress"



I have Always been an active and fitness minded person. So when I took my first class with Trace about a year and a half ago, 'I thought ‘no big deal just another fitness class’. . . I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I was challenged in that first class more than I had been training for any long distance race, by any athletic coach, or any "‘boutique’ fitness studio. Over that first year I was challenged not only to become stronger and faster, but was challenged in my view of fitness as a whole. I learned that I didn’t have to run 26 miles to have an athletic physic and that fitness wasn’t just about comparing my results, Trace taught me to challenge myself to live an overall sustainable healthy lifestyle. Anyone who trains with Trace will see the difference, his methodology and programming is like no other.




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